Amy Ball

Performance: August 17, 19:00
Installation: August 18-19, 11:00 - 18:00
Haus am Lützowplatz

I just got off the phone with Michelle.
I know. I know. I’ll get her on it.
...see, it doesn’t matter to me how brilliant your idea is
If you’re not in the right location, location, location
...Another round, Michael?
When I travel, Oh, I absolutely love to travel...

ASSEMBLE opens its first season with a new performance and installation by Amy Ball at Haus am Lützowplatz. Women is the first of four performance events in 2018, which take place at different art institutions throughout Berlin once a month.

Film production team
Riders: Dallas Gaven and Erica Barta;
Camera: Nina Vroemen and Amy Ball.

The film was shot at Goring Creek and on the Top of The World Highway, both in the Yukon, Canada.
Amy Ball works with combinations of sound, sculpture, video, text and performance. Recently, she has employed this variety of artistic means to create images and settings that point to gendered orders in our environment and challenge them. She looks at indoor and outdoor spaces and how social norms, combined with contemporary consumer-targeting strategies, mark certain spaces as male or female. Her research focuses on certain characters, communities or environments that go beyond this division. In her solo exhibition at Kunstverein Göttingen earlier this year, she looked at survivalist sub-communities (“preppers”), who hoard traditionally masculine objects such as weapons and tools but rely on ‘feminine’ infrastructure like well-planned domestic spaces, cooking and crafts to survive their doomsday scenarios. In an upcoming residency in Helsinki she will focus on modernist architecture and urban planning as traditionally masculine, since it is conducive to existing patriarchal structures. Ball often uses storytelling and ambiguous characters that she introduces into such gendered spaces in order to create friction and questioning, and to allow her characters to hold two or more identities at once.

Women is a new work that developed from Ball’s performance WROL (Kunstverein Göttingen, January 2018). Ball presents a new 4-channel video shot in the Yukon, a remote territory in Northwest Canada, where she grew up. Her featured riders move through the rugged landscapes of the area, filmed in extended tracking shots. The image of the lone adventurer roaming the vast outdoors is strongly connected to fictions of masculinity and freedom. The natural terrains become a backdrop and even an amusement-park setting for the riders, anonymous and inviolable, who take control of the space they traverse. Despite its implication in histories of conquest and land-grabbing, the image of the lone adventurer has endured strongly through pop culture, advertising, and a sense of mobility made possible by globalization and recreational travel.
Ball’s video casts an opaque character in the role of the inherently masculine figure of the rider. In the narrative of her live performance, she introduces another protagonist and creates an associative connection between both of the adventurous characters. Together, the striking imagery and stories become layers for new codings of social environments and roles.

Amy Ball (*1987, Dawson City, Canada) is based in Frankfurt am Main. Her work has been exhibited and performed at the Kunstverein Göttingen; KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; The Banff Center, Canada and the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, among others.

Following the performance, Kunstverein Göttingen and Broken Dimanche Press present: Amy Ball’s new publication Provenance.

ASSEMBLE is curated by Adela Yawitz and Anna Gien and made possible through the funding of the Capital Cultural Funds, Berlin.