Water’s No Crop’, complete with a video by Nina Vroemen. Compelled by an organic guitar line and dressed with unadorned vocals, the

track is grounded in Dave Scanlon’s abstemious practice, and refutes the notion that austerity is inherently cold and barren. Because

despite the simplicity, and the fact it barely lasts three minutes, the song forms a warm and hospitable space. An almost self-contradictory

dimension, where the verse-chorus structure folds over itself it perpetuity, and the deepest pictures are painted by the most disciplined,

frugal hand.
We live strictly for each other arrangements

Fend off lonely claims aimed to distract our

verbal arrangements

Each day I cut my hair

Each day I cut my hair
Calendar fueled by the body’s crop

I’d like to be in your harvest

Keep the day’s growth in jars

I’d like to be in your harvest
Water’s no crop I’d offer

I wished you’d offered first

For Dave Scanlon, the process of making music is not the means but the end, the process its own form of art. Art that strives not to

communicate with an exterior listener, rather to inspire others to begin their own interior explorations. “This is sacred music written for

my own personal practice,” Scanlon explains. “If it is at all utilitarian, I hope that it encourages you to create something for yourself.”

-19th November 2020