Cold Memory is an experimental short that recomposes candid videos and fieldnotes collected while working on a remote fishing lodge in the Northwest Territories to reveal a fraught Canadian history that prompted the Atomic Age.

Seemingly frozen in time, histories appear closer to the present in this place. The hauntings brings about unexpected findings:

On the eastern shores of Great Bear Lake, just a boat ride from the lodge, radioactive material was mined for the then-secret American atomic bomb and attack on Hiroshima in 1945.

Tree-lines, in the stillness of a never-setting sun become wavelengths; a resounding composition, aftershock.  

*Vroemen is currently revisiting this work. Seeking new form, moving beyond video into space and sculpture and geographically tracing this broad reaching history from Canada’s near north all the way to the desert in the South West of the United States.* 

Cold memory, Vroemen,  2014