JOBS are the American band comprised of bassist Robert Lundberg, guitarist/vocalist Dave Scanlon, drummer Max Jaffe and

violist Jessica Pavone. They announced the release of the third album.

Endless Birthdays is out on August 7th via Ramp Local.

It features guest appearances from underground music luminaries John Dieterich (Deerhoof), Matt Mehlan (Skeletons), Cyrus

Pireh (Skeletons), and Steven Lugerner.

They shared the official video for the track “A Toast“. It was directed by and starring Nina Vroemen with the help of Cecilia

McKinnon as 2nd camera. According to the press release, it is a colorful, jittery, and jello-filled dream-scape, paired so excellently

with the dissociative sonic narration that can only come from a band as curious as JOBS. Electronic drums and agile keyboards

join a narrator bringing forth a type of mission statement: “we are here to bring you music.”